Who is Michal?

When I was looking for colleges, I knew what I wanted: I wanted to study engineering at a good school in the Midwest, and I wanted to continue to play volleyball. Illinois Tech’s reputation for engineering—the university is held in high regard by people in my life whose opinions I respect—and its Division III volleyball team made it a fairly easy decision. What I’ve gotten since I’ve been here has been more than I could have expected. My plan was to study circuit engineering, but, once I got to Illinois Tech, I learned that wasn’t the path for me. Thankfully, I took a cybersecurity course my third year, and it opened my eyes to something that still interests me so much that I’m eager to get out of bed each day to learn more: cybersecurity. I’ve gotten the opportunity to take part in projects and conduct research. I have even been prepared to earn certifications that, combined, will ensure my cybersecurity career takes off.

That’s Interesting

I took a capstone class, and we spent the whole semester working on one paper relating how artificial intelligence will change the cybersecurity field. After I wrote the paper, my professor reached out to me and said, “This paper is really good, and I think it has potential to get published.” He set me up with some publishers in Europe, and we sent over the paper, which they accepted. Illinois Tech then sent me to the publishing conference in Romania, where I was able to present my research.