Who is Dennis?

I spent the first year after graduating from my undergraduate program working in a few different design roles, and I was frustrated. I knew I didn’t want to design furniture or work as a user-experience designer—I wanted to design for people. When I found Illinois Tech’s Institute of Design, it didn’t take long for me to recognize that I had found the community I had been searching for. My time at ID has opened my eyes to the opportunities and paths available to me in human-centered design. Working with my professors, my peers, and with real-world partners such as UChicago Medicine and United Airlines has provided me with the hands-on experience to be confident that I have found the career path I was looking for.

That’s Interesting

I’m currently working on a project for United Airlines, and it’s a fascinating experience. We are trying to devise a way to prevent the fatigue of ramp workers. We went to O’Hare International Airport, and we talked with ramp workers to identify what the problem is currently. We are working with the people who are experiencing it to understand their experience and their perspectives to allow us to develop compassion toward that problem.