Who is Alexandra?

I loved a lot of what I did as a lawyer, but not everything. After four years as a practicing lawyer, I needed a change. I wasn’t happy anymore. My roots are in arts and my undergraduate degree was in psychology; I was the kid that was obsessed with being creative and crafting things. It was during the pandemic that this realization hit me, and a friend suggested Illinois Tech’s Institute of Design. My world has been rocked. Coming to Illinois Tech allowed me to connect to my creative side while also becoming part of a community where the focus is on helping others. I’ve been overwhelmed with the options available to me, and have gotten to experience first-hand how human-centered design can help others and how I can find happiness pursuing my new path.

That’s Interesting

Nowadays, I have sticky notes all over my apartment, along with notebooks and pens. You never know when you’ll realize that something my group has been trying to wrestle with and figure out will just click all of a sudden.