Who is Caleb?

I knew that I wanted to study architecture in college, and I had a few options where I could do so. Illinois Tech had one thing on its side that none of the other colleges could offer, though: its location in Chicago. Getting to study architecture in a city synonymous with it has provided me with opportunities from the moment I stepped foot on campus. Whether it’s just exploring the buildings that make up the city or connecting with the world-class architects—many of them Illinois Tech College of Architecture alumni or faculty members—the combination of Illinois Tech and Chicago helped me find the path that I want to take my architecture career down.

That’s Interesting

In the summer between my second and third year, the American Institute of Architects hosted its annual conference here in Chicago. And because I was a student, I was able to get discounted tickets. One of the keynote speakers was President Obama. I was able to see him speak. Then that night or the next night, they were hosting a private event at Crown Hall, and they needed the students to help out with it. I was able to help out. At that event were super well-known architects, award winners who were known across the U.S. That experience opened my eyes really early on to the direction that professional architecture is going.