Who is Alison?

I put in the work and the preparation to study engineering in college, and I had a few options where I could do that. Illinois Tech was the first college to prove that they wanted me—and the first to invest in my career, with my selection as a Camras scholar. I vowed to prove that Illinois Tech’s investment was a worthy bet, and the opportunities I got during my five years here have allowed me to do just that. I was able to get degrees in two different specialities, took part in four internships in four different industries, and was a member of student organizations and the university’s lacrosse team. It all culminated when I accepted my first professional job in late 2023 as a baby care engineer at Procter & Gamble.

That’s Interesting

I have challenged myself over the years. I interned at an agro tech company. At one point I interned at a pharmaceutical company. Then I worked in straight industrial gasses, which is in the oil industry. I learned about this whole other side of the industry that my career could open me up to.