Who is Megan?

I knew exactly what I wanted when I started my search for a college: to pursue a degree in environmental chemistry, with the goal of helping solve our planet’s climate crisis. Illinois Tech offered exactly such a path, with the added bonus of it being a short train ride from my home in the western suburbs of Chicago. Since I arrived at Illinois Tech, I’ve been able to take part in experiences—from experimenting with different aspects of chemistry to taking part in internships examining real-world problems—that have set me on a path to achieve my ultimate goal.

That’s Interesting

My internship was doing research at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I was studying air chemistry and air pollution, and the Canadian wildfires had just happened. There was bad air quality across the East Coast, and we were taking air samples. We saw how dirty the filters got after a day because of that awful air quality. And we were studying why particulate matter—that bad air—is harmful to human health.